Doctor-led and patient-focused, Kids Care exclusively serves the private-pay and commercial markets.

It is our mission to deliver the best pediatric dentistry and orthodontic care, and we are committed to the whole health of kids.

Our Patients

We believe dental care is health care, and we are focused on the patient’s overall health. We also believe that when kids grow up enjoying dental visits, healthy teeth and gums will follow.

Kids Care is a leading integrated, multi-specialty health care delivery company. With a vision of a lifetime of healthy smiles, Kids Care provides pediatric dental, orthodontic and oral surgery services to patients ages 1 to 26. We are a collective passionate about pediatric and adolescent health and wellness, operating in 22 locations throughout California.

We see our patients for all their dental needs at one practice – a convenience that allows more time for kids to just be kids.

We have hundreds of employees and boast a 95% staff retention rate and a 99% patient retention rate. Let’s just say, we hope you’ll be in this for the long haul!

Their Parents

Not only are we obsessed with a happy and productive staff, Kids Care is fanatical about creating a lifetime of happy smiles. That’s why we are a practice for kids, but we are also dedicated to parents – to easing their worries, saving them time and educating them in good oral health.

Let’s face it: parents make all the decisions, so Kids Care strives to provide them with a stress-free experience. That’s a tall order when it comes to the care of their smallest MVPs, but adults love us almost as much as the kids.

More than 90% of our parents say it’s important to have friendly staff and a personable dentist. So, if you lead with a friendly smile and upbeat personality, start your application process today and become part of what we believe is the best. staff. ever.