Ready to focus on the whole of health of kids and work alongside the best doctors in the industry?

Kids Care is fanatical about creating a lifetime of happy smiles and we are seeking top-notch doctors who are enthusiastic about providing excellent clinical care and preventive services to children ages 1-26! Our doctors are interested in a different kind of dental experience: one that delivers fun, not fear.

Kids Care is a doctor-led, patient-focused company that’s focused on the whole health of kids. We believe dental care is health care.

We are an integrated health care delivery system for healthy smiles, offering the full spectrum of pediatric dental services including general dentistry, pediatric specialty care, orthodontics and oral surgery. Kids Care offers competitive compensation packages and provides team members the opportunity to be part of an active and thriving doctor community at the leading edge of treating children.

At Kids Care, we let our doctors be doctors.

You will get to focus on being a doctor and treating patients — not paperwork. We provide comprehensive support for each practice. From hiring to training to technical support, Kids Care has you covered. You will be part of a fast-growing collective of like-minded, philosophically aligned team members who are focused on quality care … and having fun.

Our doctors put the patient’s overall health first. We have a Clinical Development Team who established the highest quality standards to ensure a positive patient experience. We have connections with top-notch academic hospitals, and Delta Dental recently named our chief medical officer to its peer review committee.

Doctors feel safe working at Kids Care.

A recent survey of our doctors found that more than 95% feel safe with the current health and safety protocols at Kids Care. This is 10% more than the industry-wide standard. Health and safety of our patients, team members and community are our highest priorities. We went the extra mile and installed turbo-charged, medical-grade air filtration systems in our practices that eradicate 99% of airborne bacteria and viruses – including coronavirus. You can read more about how we invest in patient safety in our case study.

Are you interested in smiles before, during and after every appointment? You might be just the dental hero we are looking for.

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